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Who We Are

iMATRIX Technologies Inc., based in New York, is an information and medical transcription company that offers low cost, practical, efficient medical transcription services. IMATRIX has formed a consortium of MT Companies, which adheres to strict guidelines to ensure timely and accurate delivery of medical transcriptions with outstanding ethics and accountability, yet maintaining large workflow to meet our clients' needs.

What we do

We manage a number of first-rate MT companies and are in partnership with one of the largest digital diction ASP Companies to provide hardware and software solutions. This enables us to offer you a Total Medical Transcription Solution for your healthcare organization. Currently our MT consortium is delivering about 600,000 lines per day to a number of healthcare organizations all over North America.

Background of our MT

  1. 80% or more have over 3 years experience in the field of Medical Transcription.
    QA/Editors have at least 5 years experience.
  2. 90% possess a bachelor's degree.
  3. All are certified in Medical Transcription, and have Attended 6 months of MT training in a qualified training school.
  4. Most are trained to work in specialized areas of health care systems.

We are Specialized in The Following Areas

Gastrointestinal Radiology Orthopedic Nephrology
Cardiovascular Pathology Psychiatry Hematology
Dermatology Endocrine Respiratory Immunology
Obstetrics & Gynecology Surgery Neurology Oncology
Anesthesiology Neuropsychology    

IMATRIX Provides - The Total Solution For Your Medical Transcription Needs

  • We provide you 100% HIPAA Compliant medical transcription services.
  • We provide you a secure method to manage your data (128-bit encryption.)
  • We provide you with a toll free number that any of your physicians can use 24 hours a day for dial-in dictation.
  • And, we give you access to the most sophisticated and user-friendly software available. Thus allowing you to do a vast array of functions including the following:
  1. Integrated dictation and transcription solution, enabling visibility and central management on a standard platform without requiring costly equipment.
  2. Unique access code for each physician for dial-in dictation. Toll free number, with 20,000 available ports, so that you never get a busy signal.
  3. Physicians can use their hand-held devices for audio recordings and, transfer these files from any PC, any time/24 hours a day.
  4. Real-time access to web based management system which allows physicians and hospital staff to track the progress for all dictation-reports, transcription, QA and, eSignature.
  5. eSignature: Authentication process providing increased documentation control and reliability that can be used as a way to meet HIPAA security requirements. It allows physicians to sign documents from anywhere they have Internet access.
  6. WebEMR for physicians/staff: Allows physicians and hospital staff to view, edit, comment, listen to, print, or even reject transcribed documents. Other functions relating to documentation control, delivery and, individual or overall statistics are also available.
  7. Automated Printing
  8. Automated Faxing.

Advantages of Outsourcing Through iMATRIX
The iMATRIX's provides reliability, security, accuracy, accountability, professionalism, cost savings and state of the art technology. We also guarantee the following:

Specialized Medical Transcriptionists
Most of our medical transcriptionists are specialized in particular areas of healthcare field, giving us wide array of specialties in this field. As a result, if you have a specialized physician, who requires specialized medical transcription; do not worry about it. We will assign it to the proper medical transcriptionist, who has the prior background in that field to transcribe the dictation.

Same Medical Transcriptionist for The Same Physician
Our Work Flow Management software automatically assigns physician's dictation to the medical transcriptionist who has performed transcription for that particular physician earlier. Thus, it allows the transcriptionist to comprehend the dictation easily and produce accurate and faster transcription.


Our transcribed documents are over 98% accurate as defined by AAMT. The reported accuracy rate of most our transcribed documents falls within 99% and 100% accuracy.

TAT (Turnaround Time)

We provide transcribed documents in turnaround time ranging from 2 hours to 48 hours, delivering 24 hours a day.

The cost is based on cents per line and varies depending on TAT. Please consult our marketing executive for the most affordable and competitive prices. We are confident to provide you a great price and beat your current cost. Consider the fact that in the long run our service has the potential of providing you with appreciable cost savings.
Note: Lines are based on 65-character AAMT Line (not gross lines)


Reliability and security:
1. We treat our documents with utmost confidentiality
2. We follow HIPAA without any exception.

1. More than 98% accuracy as defined in AAMT guideline.

1. Without any exception, we will do everything possible to guarantee our clients' satisfaction. This is our utmost concern.

1. 24-hr transcription and technical support.
2. Modifications and corrections can be accomplished within 1 or 2 hours.

We Can Serve Your Existing Technology and Methodology
Depending on your needs and existing methodology, we can provide you with either of the following options:

Total Solution option: Provide you Medical Transcription service, ASP service, a Toll Free number and, we will work with your existing health information management software (if required.)

Medical Transcription Only option: Provide you only Medical Transcription, and, we will work with your existing ASP system and health information management software (if required.).

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