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iMATRIX assists organizations in developing manpower plan, finding and recruiting appropriate staff, developing career plans and providing management and IT training to keep the employees competitive. In this regard our business will focus on Bangladeshi/ Indian manpower residing in the US and also those from Bangladesh and India with strong skills in programming and systems design work. Our business would enter into multiple strategic alliances with organizations in Bangladesh and India to provide technical and management training to select employees. Part of our business will focus on finding right opportunities and placing eligible employees in those organizations for a fee and part of our business will focus on managing those employees while placed in other organizations for an hourly rate. People are a critical factor in the overall success of any organization. Finding the right staff with the right attitude and appropriate skills set has been the prime concern for most of the growing organizations. In the process of balancing people, process and technology, the organizations have to very carefully choose their employees who can fit into the culture and contribute positively to the growth plan. The quality people are very limited and therefore the competition for quality people is growing fierce every day.

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