E-Commerce Businesses are booming recently, as the younger generations opt for services and products via online shopping. There is a growing demand for this shopping channel, and many new startups of this kind is emerging. The setting up of an E-Commerce site is expensive, though. This is why cloud based E-Commerce services are now commonly employed to make it easier to handle traffic and data.

What is Cloud Based E-Commerce?

E-commerce sites which are launched through a cloud-based host is typically known as a Cloud Based E-Commerce. Data of a company can be managed in many ways. In some cases, an E-commerce company can choose to host the website by themselves, but now the trend has changed.

Many companies are choosing to outsource this part and switch to cloud hosting. This is because this part of the business can be done externally with the help of another company specializing in cloud hosting. It is a cost effective solution for many emerging e-commerce companies nowadays.

Impact of Cloud Based E-Commerce

Cloud Based E-Commerce can enhance the whole operation of a site in terms of performance and efficiency.

Smooth Operation

The speed of a E-commerce site is the most important parameter customers will judge it on. Longer load time and buffering drive away people from websites. Hosting a site using cloud computing can lower that risk and increase the swiftness of the whole operation. Cloud services provide high bandwidth and greater storage space to ensure that the site runs without any disruption.

Easily Accessed by Customers

For multinational companies having E-commerce stores, websites need to be accessible from various countries. Cloud based hosting enables this without any complexity. No matter where the customer is located, the site can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Developing and maintaining your own E-commerce site is an expensive part of running an E-Commerce business. Often, when sites are down due to some malware attack or technical problems, it can take hours to months to fix the problem. These lead to huge costs and loss. Hosting your own site can mean installing your own hardware for storage and management. This is why cloud hosting is a much more viable option, as this responsibility is given to an expert cloud hosting company.

A Scalable Solution

As the trends in E-commerce are continually changing and more and more people are emerging as potential customers, the scope of growth for such a company is changing with time as well. The best example may be Amazon – a small E-Commerce site in USA that went on to become the world’s largest company. So, companies need to adapt or cut down when necessary and scale accordingly. Cloud hosting allows business to expand with ease, as per the market projections.

Less Handling of Security

When you opt for cloud hosting services, you are handing over the network and security responsibilities to your hosts. The protection of valuable data and management, maintaining backups, and ensuring no loss of data – all of these are now their responsibility. This makes the task of running a E-commerce site hassle free and much more convenient.

E-Commerce Services to Avail

At present, there are three common Cloud hosted services for E-Commerce businesses.

IaaS (Infrastructure as Service)

This service offers the main infrastructures such as virtual servers, an operating system, data storage drives for small to medium sized E-Commerce businesses and more. This is a pay-for-use service available for every kind of model.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

This includes software framework and web applications development. This one is much more flexible and ideal for scalable businesses.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

This is suitable for businesses which require increasing web or mobile access. It is hosted from a central location and is great for short term projects.

E-Commerce has changed the dynamics of business. As more and more companies switch to online media, cloud-based E-commerce solutions can optimize the operation and efficiency greatly.