Talent Augmentation

Talent Augmentation

Talent Augmentation

Businesses face increasingly complex technological changes in their organizations in finding and hiring the right experts. The urgency for quality staff is more important than ever. You need a dynamic team that is willing to push their boundaries to achieve that company’s needs. This is why IMATRIX introduced its Talent Augmentation service.

Talent Augmentation should be in any organization’s arsenal. It is a powerful tool that can transform your company’s working environment. This process does not focus on recruitment only. It also helps you hone your current employees. IMATRIX will help you understand the different types of staff augmentation and help you find the right model for your organization.

This practice is not a new one. It is a recurring trend. Talent Augmentation is especially relevant in the technology industry because of the use of contingent workers across the globe.  Your company’s branch in a different continent might want to borrow an employee for a certain project. IMATRIX can fill these temporary roles with your current staff or recruits.

Talent Augmentation is quite different from outsourcing. One of the key differences is the amount of control you have over your team. This model gives you direct control over the project and its team. The outcome is determined by you. This is not the case in outsourcing.

When you are paying a vendor, you are essentially giving up managerial control. Another disadvantage comes in the form of internal conflict. Outsourcing an independent source shows that you do not have enough faith in your existing team. This may lead to some resistance and lower productivity.

The service will evaluate your existing team and determine which additional skills they might require. Once we pinpoint the lacking, you can augment your staff as you please. This saves you from the hassle of recruiting someone else for a single task. You can simply choose to train your current employee.

This outsourcing strategy is extremely flexible. You can hire tech talent on a global level too. You simply need to narrow down your requirements. We will help you choose the candidates that fit your needs. You can add skilled technicians to your development team on a short-term basis too. The final decision is in your hands.

The benefit of this process is that you no longer have to face the liabilities associated with making full-time hires. With IMATRIX Technologies, you can even hire remote developers for a single project only. Similarly, it can be done on a contractual basis as well.

Our team will be an extension of your talent pool. Integrating our service will help you enhance your human resource management. We can guarantee your workflow will be more efficient. Talent Augmentation is a much more flexible process. You can easily scale up or down your team.

You no longer have to go through the tedious process of interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding new members. Most importantly, you will save the general costs of hiring full-time employees. We can quickly formulate teams for each project. This will help you respond to market changes quickly.

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